Government Contracts Consulting

At GSA Contract Pros, we understand how to get government contracts and the profitable benefits they can bring to your business. The problem is, contracting with federal agencies requires that businesses climb a mountain of paperwork and submit to complicated processes. It’s not easy, and most businesses don’t have the manpower or understanding to manage it all. We get it.

In addition to our GSA Schedule consulting services, we also offer general consulting for companies that are trying to capture a share of the public market. This includes:

  • research and registration on other GWACs, IDIQs, BPAs, etc. that best fit your company,
  • registration for various SBA certifications
  • getting you set up in the DSBS database
  • writing capabilities statements
  • assembling industry specific data-packages for competitive analysis,
  • competitive pricing analysis
  • assembling solicitation listings of upcoming government contracts tailored to your company’s capabilities
  • contract writing
  • and more

We’re a government contract consulting firm led by a former US Air-Force Contracting Specialist. We’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of navigating through government red tape and helping businesses like yours learn how to bid on government contracts.

Here’s how we do it:



We provide you with a free consultation to see which GSA[GU3] programs will be most beneficial and effective for your business.


As your government contracts consultant, we’ll get to work gathering the necessary information and wading through all the government paperwork—so you won’t have to!


You can continue to focus on what you do best, and enjoy the benefits of new government contracts.

We know you have a choice when it comes to government contract consulting companies. At GSA Contract Pros, we’re here to help you compile everything you need to win government contracts and make the process as lucrative and efficient as possible.

Are government contracts profitable?

Yes! When you win a Government contract it can help your business scale by providing substantial income for multiple years. But contractors need a working knowledge of complicated contract requirements. That’s why a government contract compliance service like GSA Contract Pros can be so valuable.

What does it mean to be a government contractor?

A government contractor is a privately owned or publicly traded business that enters into a contract with the federal government to provide products and services. Since the US Government spends $460B annually on commercial supplies and services in almost every industry, nearly any business is eligible.

How do I start a government contract?

To begin the process of government contracting, a business must meet all of the requirements of a DUNS number, SAM Certification and be compliant with all applicable federal Acquisition Regulations. As a government contract compliance service, GSA Contract Pros will help you complete all of the necessary requirements and get a piece of the billion-dollar pie that is federal government contracts.


It’s a time and labor-intensive process, and most businesses struggle to dedicate the necessary manpower. That’s why we offer our expertise to help businesses like yours secure a GSA Contract. We’d love to simplify the process for you!

Stop the endless research, trying to figure out how to obtain a GSA Contract and call us today. We’re at your service, ready to assess your specific needs and get you registered with GSA.

Contact GSA Contract Pros today to discover how to scale your business with government contracting. We’re standing by, ready to help you walk confidently through the registration process.

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