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Many businesses have an interest in[GU1]  the Federal market but don’t know how to do business with the government or where to start their journey. The disparate nature of the information, solicitations and compliance requirements in the federal government makes it very difficult to determine a particular sales funnel to approach. Getting a GSA Certification is a great way to start. It’s an exclusive pricing agreement with federal agencies and gives you visibility on contracts that you wouldn’t have been notified of otherwise in addition to giving federal buyers the ability to purchase from you directly from the products and/or services that you have on your GSA Certification. If you want to begin your expedition into the public marketspace, you’ve come to the right place. Our dedicated team at GSA Pros can help!

There’s no question obtaining federal GSA Certification can have an impact on your sales. Every year, the General Services Administration spends billions of dollars across 91 different government agencies, from the Department of Defense to [GU2] State and Local Government. With needs from nearly every industry, many companies are surprised to learn that they can offer products and services to federal buyers through GSA with competition limited to other vendors on the same GSA Certification.

So how can your business take the first step and obtain GSA Certification?

At GSA Pros, we offer GSA consulting services to help you register your business and compete for federal contracts. The GSA registration process is stringent and tedious, so let us use our experience and take on the heavy lifting for you. Working with GSA Pros is simple:

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Our GSA experts will walk you step-by-step through your GSA Schedule Application

We’ll draft, copy-write, and provide pricing analysis to ensure acceptance.

You can then begin to sell through GSA and watch your business grow!

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What Does GSA Stand For?

GSA is the General Services Administration, which manages federal real estate and supports product and service contracts. 

What to call a GSA Schedule?
  • GSA List
  • GSA Pricing
  • GSA Approved
  • GSA Schedules Program
  • GSA Number
  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)
  • GSA Contract
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule
  • GSA Schedule

First of all, we run into the issue of what to call the program, ideologies and contracts. Different Agencies, companies and individuals use different terminology to refer to what is the GSA Program. It’s important to understand its purpose to understand what it is.


The General Service Administration(GSA) has been tasked with the development of a government-wide purchasing program to consolidate spend, achieve economies of scale and spread best practices across hundreds of different agencies. GSA’s answer to that task is the Federal Supply Schedule or, FSS Program.

What is a GSA Contract?

“GSA Schedules” are long-term, government-wide contracts with businesses. Schedules ensure compliance with government business practices, GSA pricing, and streamlined ordering processes. 

How do you get a GSA Contract?

Preparing a GSA Certification boils down to three main elements; Organizational, Administrative and technical. In order to be successfully awarded a GSA Certification you must craft narratives around those three components to show GSA you are ‘in-scope’ to the schedule you are applying for, have the financial capability to deliver on contracts awarded and the organizational competence to ensure clause compliance. Additionally, there are various certifications, registrations, online training and other documentation requirements necessary in a full proposal. We’d love to simplify the process for you!

If done right, all the documentation created while getting a GSA Certification will provide you with a base ‘Government proposal’, allowing you to target a variety of other ‘pricing’ schedules downstream from GSA MAS. Give us a call today, let’s discuss your specific business and see if GSA Pros is a good fit for your jump into the federal market.

There are stringent GSA Schedule Requirements to make certain that products and services on GSA Schedules offer quality, effectiveness, and durability.  To demonstrate that your company can provide these attributes, more than 30 pages of documentation are required, along with hours of online GSA Schedules Contract Training. 

It can be a time and labor-intensive process, and many businesses struggle with the stringent requirements and continuously changing processes and regulation. That’s why we offer our expertise to help businesses like yours secure a GSA Contract.

What is GSA Advantage?

GSA Advantage is an incredible business development opportunity for your company to get its goods and services in front of federal buyers. GSA Advantage is an e-commerce site akin to Amazon® where all products and services on GSA Advantage are pre-negotiated for GSA pricing, delivery terms, and federal acquisition clauses to ensure future compliance. 

Getting on a GSA Schedule can be a difficult and confusing process. If you decide that going at it alone isn’t in your best interest, we can assist in paving the way into the government market and help you meet GSA Schedule Requirements.[GU5]  Along the way, we’ll create internal company narratives, copy-writing and templates for your company’s capabilities statement, with quality assurance measures, internal controls, past performance, and federal and public clause compliance.

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Initial Conversation

We tailor our services to each of our clients. In the initial conversation we discuss potential paths that your business can take to obtain a GSA contract schedule.

We ensure you have the correct government registrations and are organizationally set-up to ensure continued success on GSA.


Document Discovery

Although GSA contract pros will do most of the heavy lifting in ensuring your company’s successful entrance onto the FSS Schedule, this phase requires a bit more collaboration. In order for us to help craft your company’s narrative, we will provide a project tracker for the documentation required through the process. 


Document Development

While you are gathering together the documentation, we start at work on creating the full company profile that will accompany your GSA Schedule and leave you with great documentation infrastructure that will slowly form to be your company’s ‘Total Government Profile’. Your contract is structured for Pricing Analytics

Final Review, Pricing Suggestions and Submission

GSA Contract pros ensures your contract is set up for ease of compliance with reporting requirements and revisions to the GSA Contract. After a full proposal we have a full overview of your company’s operations. We will run competitor and pricing analytics and make suggestions on how your company can be priced to win. Everything is submitted onto the online system after a thorough review and any clarifications or discussions with the GSA contracting officer are handled by GSA Contract Pros.


Hooray! If you’ve made it here you’ve been awarded your GSA contract in one of the 12 categories of the GSA MAS Schedule. Since the base contract encompasses a massive amount of federal spending, there are periodic updates to the system and strict reporting requirements. GSA Contract Pros ensure you remain compliant with it all to avoid mistakes that could cause your company to lose their GSA Schedule.

Experienced GSA Schedule Consultants

As you work to discover how to obtain a GSA Contract, having an expert in your corner is valuable. At GSA Pros, we offer personalized, one-on-one assistance that’s catered to the needs of your business. Our small, dedicated team brings experience in federal procurement for the U.S. Air Force along with public and private sector work with companies like Tesla and other large organizations.

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